Tuesday, August 5, 2008

San Diego Trip

Ok so here are the long overdue pictures of our great trip to San Diego with my family. It was so great!! The people at my dad's work were awesome enough to pay for their whole trip. They raised the money to but their plane tickets, hotel room, rental car, 3 in 1 passes to Sea World, San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park. Along with that spending money to help pay for the little things.
We are so grateful for all that they did to make this fun time possible.

We enjoyed seeing all the animals, we even got to feed the dolphins!!

We even got to visit the ocean. Which was a first for most of the family. The kids loved playing in the water. All in All it was a great trip!!
Since then people have continued to amaze our family. People are coming out of the wood work to help out the family. They have held a fund raising dinner with raffle and auction, with all proceeds going to help pay for Jessie's doctor bills. Also the people in Roy have also put together a concert in the park among many many other things. I can't tell you just how grateful it makes me to know that people are so willing to help my family. We aren't famous, we are just a regular family going through a difficult time. Jessie is a wonderful young lady and so many people have shown there love for her. Even those that don't know her. Thank you to all of you!!!

Jessie is hanging in there. She has had her third chemo treatment and it was a little tougher on her than the first. She continues to be strong and positive. They will do one more treatment, unless something happens, and then the will move on to radiation. So far they are not seeing a lot of progress with the chemo so they feel it is best to move on. It will be much harder on her but they think it will help her in the long run. Thank you all for your prayers I know that they are felt daily. I love you all!!!