Sunday, May 10, 2009

Time to play catch up!!

ok so I am a terrible blogger. I guess I just don't find my life as interesting as others. I work all the time I come home and eat walk the dogs and sleep. That pretty much sum up my life at this point. But every now and again something fun happens. Like this last weekend. My family came out to California for a little visit and Matt and I got to spend sometime with two of our favorite little people. Our little dude Owen and Captian Cooper. We spent the day at the park where we played almost any game you can think of. First it was the lets see who could yell the loudest


Then it was talking to each other through the fun little tubes. This one was my favorite!!!

Captian Cooper has the greatest imagination at the top of the biggest playground there was a weather game map and steering wheel, with all of the the playground became a ship at sea. The water became full of sharks. Everytime Owen came to the top of the ship he would go down the slide and right into the sharks. Cooper would yell "Oh no we have to save him!!" After that we would go down the slide and save him from the sharks. We had a ton of fun, I was pooped long before they were. We ended the day the way it always should, with a treat from the ice cream truck!!!Matt and are you doing great. We move into a place with a lot more room, and a place that the dogs can really enjoy. We take Koda to the dog park and he loves to play with all the dogs at least twice his size. This will be our last stop until we move to Utah. I know it has been said before but with our decision to start a family we its a sure thing.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

San Diego Trip

Ok so here are the long overdue pictures of our great trip to San Diego with my family. It was so great!! The people at my dad's work were awesome enough to pay for their whole trip. They raised the money to but their plane tickets, hotel room, rental car, 3 in 1 passes to Sea World, San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park. Along with that spending money to help pay for the little things.
We are so grateful for all that they did to make this fun time possible.

We enjoyed seeing all the animals, we even got to feed the dolphins!!

We even got to visit the ocean. Which was a first for most of the family. The kids loved playing in the water. All in All it was a great trip!!
Since then people have continued to amaze our family. People are coming out of the wood work to help out the family. They have held a fund raising dinner with raffle and auction, with all proceeds going to help pay for Jessie's doctor bills. Also the people in Roy have also put together a concert in the park among many many other things. I can't tell you just how grateful it makes me to know that people are so willing to help my family. We aren't famous, we are just a regular family going through a difficult time. Jessie is a wonderful young lady and so many people have shown there love for her. Even those that don't know her. Thank you to all of you!!!

Jessie is hanging in there. She has had her third chemo treatment and it was a little tougher on her than the first. She continues to be strong and positive. They will do one more treatment, unless something happens, and then the will move on to radiation. So far they are not seeing a lot of progress with the chemo so they feel it is best to move on. It will be much harder on her but they think it will help her in the long run. Thank you all for your prayers I know that they are felt daily. I love you all!!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

My sweet Little sister

Hello to all my friends. I am sorry it has been so long. With the move into the new place ( watch for photos soon to come) and some big changes in our family it has been kinda crazy. As some of you may know from my facebook page I have been a little down lately. It is only fair to update you all and ask for you prayers. Two and a half weeks ago we found out that my sweet little sister (Jessie) has a brain tumor. She went in for an MRI to find out more about her autism and came out with something that was totally unexpected. Since that day she has undergone 3 more MRI's 2 biopsies and lots of blood work. She has been such a trooper.

So far we know that is is cancerous, it started about the time she was a baby and has grown into the right side of her brain and is now growing into the left side. Because it is growing in the center of her brain they can not operate. They will be meeting with the doctors this coming Thursday to find out more about what is ahead of them. If you are interested updates about her condition and places to show you love and support are on her page through, her page is called ourjessiesjourney. She really has been strong through it all. I know the prayers of others have blessed not only her but the rest of my family. I will keep you updated. Thanks to everyone.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

This is US!!

Well hellloooo to everyone.
I have a good friend that suggested that I get a blogspot it may be easier for me to talk to everyone. :) I guess I have been bad about that. :) Anyways. My husband and I are doing fantastic. We are living in California and in about a week we will officially have our own place. Matt's parents have been nice enough to let us stay with them. We bought our first couch at the DI and it is a beauty. LOL!!! Honestly it looks just like something pulled out of "That 70's show". But you know you take what you can get when you are just starting out.

We like to make trips to Utah to see my family and will be soon taking trips to Kansas to see my in laws. As you can see we like to have a good time when we do visit. Family is what really matters!!!