Monday, April 28, 2008

My sweet Little sister

Hello to all my friends. I am sorry it has been so long. With the move into the new place ( watch for photos soon to come) and some big changes in our family it has been kinda crazy. As some of you may know from my facebook page I have been a little down lately. It is only fair to update you all and ask for you prayers. Two and a half weeks ago we found out that my sweet little sister (Jessie) has a brain tumor. She went in for an MRI to find out more about her autism and came out with something that was totally unexpected. Since that day she has undergone 3 more MRI's 2 biopsies and lots of blood work. She has been such a trooper.

So far we know that is is cancerous, it started about the time she was a baby and has grown into the right side of her brain and is now growing into the left side. Because it is growing in the center of her brain they can not operate. They will be meeting with the doctors this coming Thursday to find out more about what is ahead of them. If you are interested updates about her condition and places to show you love and support are on her page through, her page is called ourjessiesjourney. She really has been strong through it all. I know the prayers of others have blessed not only her but the rest of my family. I will keep you updated. Thanks to everyone.


Lorien said...

Oh Gretchen, your family is always in our thoughts and prayers. I miss you tons. When will I see you again?

Amanda Fullerton said...

Oh Gretchen. I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that the Lord has given your little sister strength to fight this. If she does lose the battle I hope that He will give you the way to be at peace knowing that you will be with her again one day.

Chris & Francisca Hakes said...

Poor little girl! If your going to have something like that UT is tops for treatment. Hope she has a quick recovery. BTW it was nice talking with you last month on chat :)