Thursday, February 21, 2008

This is US!!

Well hellloooo to everyone.
I have a good friend that suggested that I get a blogspot it may be easier for me to talk to everyone. :) I guess I have been bad about that. :) Anyways. My husband and I are doing fantastic. We are living in California and in about a week we will officially have our own place. Matt's parents have been nice enough to let us stay with them. We bought our first couch at the DI and it is a beauty. LOL!!! Honestly it looks just like something pulled out of "That 70's show". But you know you take what you can get when you are just starting out.

We like to make trips to Utah to see my family and will be soon taking trips to Kansas to see my in laws. As you can see we like to have a good time when we do visit. Family is what really matters!!!